Portal Solutions

QBS is a Gold Microsoft Partner with Collaboration and Content Competency. QBS team has a wide experience in SharePoint Portals development using SharePoint latest versions. QBS is using SharePoint in many flavors including (but not limited to):

  • Internet Website
  • Document Management System
  • Workflow and process automation
  • Intranet Collaboration Portal
  • Single point of access
  • Different product distributions Elite, Adaa’, Knowledge Base Tool, etc.)

Business Intelligence

QBS is a Silver Microsoft Partner with Business Intelligence Competency. QBS team has a wide experience in the Business Intelligence Solutions development using different technologies including but not limited to SQL Server BI Services, SharePoint, and Power BI.

QBS is capable of:

  • Analyzing the sources of information
  • Providing data transformation processes
  • Building large-scale data warehouses
  • Developing the BI environment and organization
  • Identifying of (KPIs), scorecards, analytical reports and views
  • Creating reports and dashboards

Cloud Computing

QBS offers several cloud services and products allowing our clients to benefit greatly from high level of collaboration, integration and performance.

Cloud services and products include (but are not limited to):

  • Microsoft cloud hosting - Azure
  • Microsoft productivity tools - Office365

Enterprise Business Solutions

Aiming at fulfilling your business needs, QBS tailor made software allows your organization to differentiate itself as well as building a solution that fits your business operations utmost.

Our custom solutions varies from core business supporting system to complimenting systems to increase business efficiency and overall productivity. Additionally, taking into consideration user behavior, market trends and objectives of the organization.

Mobile Applications Development

QBS facilitate and develop varies mobile applications allowing an increase of mobility for data and solutions. In addition, we employ our expertise in developing mobile applications for:

  • Microsoft OS Platform
  • IOS Platform
  • Android Platform

Consultancy & Training Services

QBS provides technical consultancy in different IT areas in order to assist in constructing the most suitable technical solution empowering your business processes.

Additionally, QBS offers hands-on trainings for different products and services implemented for our clients.


Nabadat program is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) tool which helps companies deliver a world class customer experience and act as a leader among competitors with a distinguished experience.

  • Multi Channel
  • Sub Category
  • Customer Data
  • Dynamic Question Flow
  • Hierarchy
  • Workflow Altering
  • Reporting


Adaa’ Projects Monitoring Tool allows organizations, governments and other entities to get insights and progress reports of projects being developed. Additionally, Adaa’ can be utilized to monitor an entire department, organization or a governmental entity including all their projects as an overall indicator.

Insights and reports varies in objective and information covering the needs of high-level executives as well as direct project managers and stakeholders.

  • Cloud based Solution with the ability to have on premise setup.
  • Effective and immediate monitoring for projects, departments, organizations and other relevant entities.
  • Accurate representation of data and indicators
  • Ability to integrate with several data sources
  • Customized KPIs, Indicators and incorporation with financial analysis
  • Map based distribution of projects

Deput 365

Deput365 facilitates more centric administration of Office365 users and groups. The platform is integrated with the backend administration of Office365 to provide enhanced administration features and empowering the backbone of the IT operation in large organizations.

Deput365 helps administrators in big organizations delegating some tasks to group admins.

Groups can be defined based on their departments, roles, … or automatically by their domains within the same Office 365 tenant.

Group admins are not necessarily Office 365 admins. They can be defined as regular users on Office 365.

Knowledge Base Tool

Knowledge Base Tool is a powerful portal that allows organizations to unite and unify all promotions, offerings and details of their services in one portal.

Additionally, KBT is equipped with state of the art reporting mechanism in order to assist executives in monitoring efficiency and productivity of their sales/marketing team.

  • Single point of access for all content
  • Scheduled publishing of content and information
  • Powerful search mechanism based on keywords, meta data & taxonomies, categorization of content and information
  • End users’ guidance wizards managed and controlled by Administrators
  • Collaborative content sharing, and social-ready solution
  • Dynamic page layout templates for different content structures
  • Feedback management
  • Automatic feed for newly added content

Legal Management Suite

Our Legal Management Suite allows organizations to enhance the process for creating, editing and terminating contracts. The solution is equipped with a customized and detailed workflows and KPIs in order to empower business operations and processes.

LMS is furnished with customized workflow that fits the organization’s structure and normal business approach.

  • Dynamic configurable approval process by end users
  • Easy to use interface, wizard/tabs based as per user’s preference
  • Setup of KPIs for tasks response time
  • Advanced alerts and notifications mechanism
  • Dynamic configuration for document templates to build filled documents based on form-filled information
  • Out of office, delegation, and re-assigning activities
  • Promotes quick communication and timely decisions
  • Documents version control


ELITE school collaboration portal digitalize the communication and elaboration between the school’s staff, parents and students.

ELITE platform endorses streamlined communication and technological advancements on education.

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